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    i don’t care if you think it’s “improper first date attire” this suit of armor is enchanted and i’m wearing it

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    Mickey Milkovich Text Posts a.k.a. idk what i’m doing anymore

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    “My name is Shosanna Dreyfus and THIS is the face of Jewish vengeance!”

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feelin’ mori // feelin’ mabon


    feelin’ mori // feelin’ mabon

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Trying to summon Crowley.


    Trying to summon Crowley.

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    Our selection of the top ten abandoned places we would visit if we weren’t so scared!

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My daily mid-stretch crisis


    My daily mid-stretch crisis

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    Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by night

    "When the night comes, the starry sky reflects on its surface like in a mirror, and you have the feeling of being in space."

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    when someone says something so wrong that really pisses you off but you don’t wanna start an argument so you just sit there like


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